The Process

Please take a moment to review the following.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options regarding each of these questions.

Getting Started:

What type of product are you looking for?


— Shirt (Polo, Golf, Dress, Tee), Sweatshirt, Jacket, Hat etc.

Promotional Item:

— .Bag, Towel,

What is the approximate size of the logo you would like?

Standard logo size ranges from 3.5” to 4.0”.

Logo Location desired?

Quantity desired?

How soon is the finished product needed?

Is a logo available?

E-mail us a picture of your logo in image format or embroidery format (if you have one) to

We can work with any image formats.

If no logo we can design one for you.

We require 25% - 50% of the order as a pre-payment.  We accept Checks, Credit Cards (Square) and Money Orders .  Balance on the order is due upon acceptance and receipt of your order.

Cost Estimate

We will provide you with a rough estimate based on the following:

¨                Garment price

¨                Logo

¨                Set-up fees

¨                Logo cost—based on the estimated number of stitches needed.

¨                Shipping / Handling

¨                Taxes

How  To Order !

“Kay” & Dan Embroidering

Customized Professional Digitizing - Graphic Design  - Screen Printing

dba  Beneficial Merchandise

Customized Professional Embroidery !

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